Sam Pearson with Greg Rutherford for Forged in Britain.

Forged in Britain with Greg Rutherford and Nihal Arthanayake

Last year, we at HISTORY produced a series of shortform films to help localise Forged in Fire for the UK audience.

Forged in Fire is a competition format that’s filled with historical take-aways and a deep appreciation of a craft that goes back thousands of years, while Forged in Britain sought out the very best UK talent and showcased their skills.

Fans of Forged in Fire are vocal in their support for the show, with Olympic athlete Greg Rutherford and broadcaster Nihal Arthanayake amongst them.

We got back in touch with Forged in Britain stars Josh Burrell and Owen Bush to ask them if they fancied showing Greg and Nihal the ropes when it comes to creating edged blades.

Here are a couple of pics from behind the scenes…

We paired Owen, a bladesmith tutor based in South-East London, up with Greg, tasking them with the challenge of creating a seax.

Seax’s are a historic multi-use knife, ranging in size but all beautiful in their form. Watch below as Owen and Greg create a spectacular version, based on a museum piece.

While Greg created a historic weapon, Nihal was tasked with creating a functional blade by Josh.

Josh is a heritage toolmaker and specialises in axes. Watch as Nihal helps create a Swedish carpenters axe.

You can watch the rest of the Forged in Britain films on HISTORY’s YouTube channel, and Forged in Fire on HISTORY every Thursday at 9pm.


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