Producing A Stab in the Dark

UKTV has a rich pedigree in producing podcasts, but these have mostly come in the guise of comedies for channel Dave: The Magic Sponge, Alex Horne Breaks The News and Mr Gameshow. But there’s something new on the horizon… a podcast for fans of everything crime.

A Stab in the Dark is hosted by best-selling crime author and comic Mark Billingham, whose Tom Thorne crime novels have been turned into a TV series for Sky 1 starring David Morrissey as the titular Thorne. If you hadn’t already recognise the name you may remember him for his performance as Gary from Maid Marian and her Merry Men alongside Tony Robinson.

Now THAT was a great series.


Anyhow, each episode of A Stab in the Dark sees (or should it be hears?) two guests join Mark in the studio from the worlds of crime television drama and literary fiction to discuss themes from Scandi noir, the damaged detective and the representation of women in crime. Guests will include queen of crime Val McDermid (pictured with Mark and Kate Harwood right), the aforementioned David Morrissey, Shetland’s Ann Cleeves and Michael Connolly to name but a few.

Before we embarked on the series, however, we produced a pilot episode in which regular feature contributor and fellow producer Paul Hirons took the helm alongside UKTV colleague Emily Want and Guardian Journalist Rob Hull. You can listen to the pilot episode here:

To listen and subscribe to A Stab in the Dark on iTunesAcast or a number of other podcast streaming platforms.


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