Facebook Panoramic 360 photo

Facebook Panoramic Photo For Brands

You may have seen that Facebook have started converting your panoramic photos into interactive 360 experiences. As you move your phone your view changes accordingly, it’s a pretty neat little feature – a slimmed down version of Facebook’s 360 video which I can only assume costs a tonne of money to produce.

Rosewood Facebook panoramic photo

A look at the panoramic Rosewood image as a flat photo.

After a moment of inspiration I wondered whether these panoramic photos could be used to show other content? Perhaps even content for branded Facebook Pages?

As I was working on new US crime drama Rosewood, it proved the perfect opportunity to have a play around with the feature and create a new way of finding out about the different characters in the series.

It’s best viewed on mobile, although you can use your mouse to navigate if you’re on desktop. If the below embedded image doesn’t work, try clicking through to view it on Facebook.

It’s a bit of novelty so it may lose its charm after a while, especially if brands start using it all the time. I hope I haven’t created a monster.

To help you create your panoramic you can get your hands on a bunch of assets from Facebook from their Dropbox.


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