Ball snake can't move on a fleece blanket

Snakes Can’t Move On Fleece

If like me you have a Indiana Jones-style ‘healthy respect’ for snakes I’ve got some very important news for you… Just surround yourself with fleece blankets and they won’t be able to get anywhere near you.

Granted, it may not be the most practical solution, but it’ll work.

Here’s a YouTube video featuring a pet ball python on a synthetic fleece throw which despite its best efforts can’t get anywhere.

The style of movement used by the snake in the video is the serpentine method, also known as lateral undulation – a winding motion most commonly associated with snakes. Here, the snake relies on friction between the surface and its underside in order to propel it forwards – suggesting that our legless friend above is perhaps unable to get any traction against the slick fibres of the blanket.

©2004 How Stuff Works


But what if it tried a different method?

Other forms of snake movement, like concertina or sidewinding, may not have much luck but perhaps there is one method that might enable it to overcome my new anti-serpent fleece cloak (patent pending).

Some heavy-bodied snakes use rectilinear locomotion, a slow movement in a straight line where wide scales on the snake’s underside grips the surface and literally pushes it forward in a similar fashion to that of a caterpillar. This might get our python out of its predicament.

As long as we keep this information to ourselves we should all be OK in our new cloaks.


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