Dave Talks from UKTV

Dave TALKS: Ideas No One Needs

UKTV’s comedy television channel Dave has produced a series of TED Talks-inspired lectures on subjects that you don’t really need to know anything about. If you’ve seen any of Dave’s posts on Facebook or Twitter recently, it goes without saying that you’re not going to learn anything worthwhile here. But it will be fun.

Dave TALKS executive producer (and all round lovely guy) Dave Barnsby said of the new online lecture series…

Dave TALKS marks the next step in our YouTube evolution, providing more original and exclusive shortform content for our viewers to enjoy and complementing our longform programmes available for free on our video on demand service, UKTV Play.

My personal favourite comes from South African severed-head Rex Monolith (AKA Adam Riches), who introduces us to the painful art of shark whispering.

On the night I couldn’t stop laughing at Will Phang (AKA Phil Wang) delivering his rhetoric on unlocking the power of Emojis. Who knew they were invented by the Egyptians?

Last of the stand-outs (they’re all great, really) is James Acaster‘s insistence that people are not a fruit. A convincing argument.

‘Technology, entertainment, design’. That’s what TED in TED Talks stands for, if like me, you were wondering…

You can watch all eight Dave TALKS short films on UKTV’s YouTube channel.


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