Jimmy Bullard, Rob Beckett and Ian Smith present The Magic Sponge podcast.

Animated Clips of The Magic Sponge Podcast

The Magic Sponge front-man Jimmy Bullard is a cracking storyteller, so it was only natural that we’d look to make more of some of his best ones from the iTunes chart-topping podcast! It’s not like we’re directly copying the Ricky Gervais Show (ok, it’s pretty hard to argue that) but animation is a great way of immortalising them visually and is something a few podcasts have tried.

Designed by Tom Munday, and produced by myself and Dave Barnsby at UKTV, these two animated clips show ex-professional footballer Bullard regaling some of the stories from his time in the beautiful game.

Seen alongside his two comedian co-hosts, Rob Beckett and Ian Smith, the first episode sees Jimmy telling the story of how he went through the recruitment process to be a fireman. If he hadn’t failed the strength and written tests we may never have seen him on the pitch…

You’re with your football team and it all kicks off in the bar, who do you want with you? Mick Harford, that’s who.

In this second episode of the animated Magic Sponge podcast, Jimmy tells the story of how Harford cleared out a bar when some of the younger players from his team got in a spot of bother.


For more information on the podcast, you can head to the Dave website.



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