UKTV Christmas Quiz

The UKTV Christmas Quiz

Christmas is a time when the family come together.

Bit cheesy that, but it’s what we had in mind when we created the latest string of on-air promos celebrating the family of 10 channels that sit underneath the UKTV umbrella.

Everyone’s heard of Dave (it’s pretty much the only way I can describe the place I work to most people), but we wanted to teach people about the other channels that they may not have heard of by bringing them together at Christmas – and what’s more Christmassy than a board game.

So we put together the UKTV Christmas Quiz (go give it a whirl!)

What is Sir David Attenborough's middle name?
An Eden question on the UKTV Christmas Quiz – What is Sir David Attenborough’s middle name?

The idea is simple: to complete the game you have three lives to correctly answer a question on each randomly-selected channel with a difficulty selection awarding more points for the harder questions while also allowing you to answer questions on unfamiliar channels.

That’s hopefully the great thing about this quiz: educating a potential audience on the various channels UKTV has to offer. Amongst those there’s Yesterday for the fact-fiends, Really for ghost hunting and lifestyle, and alibi for those who like crime drama.

There’s also trusted old Eden for Attenborough and Cox (see: Eden Shorts 2015 for more on that brand).

The game was built in extra-quick time by the team at ward404, a digital design company with a string of credits including a couple of games for our very own Dave (you know Dave, right?)

Finally, before heading off to play the quiz here’s the aforementioned promo…


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