6SecondScience natural cycle

GE’s 6 Second Science

How much science can you squash into a six second video?

General Electric held an online competition a few years ago where the public was asked to submit their own highly-condensed scientific lesson via the six second looping video app Vine.
There were a variety of fantastic entries from animations to mad science experiments which you can search through on Twitter using the hashtag #6SecondScience or head to GE’s Tumblr page.

A couple of favourites include this use of milk, food colouring, washing up liquid, and finally, a cotton bud. A pretty simple one to try out.

The more adventurous might try this potato-powered lightbulb – just add pennies and nails. No more candles necessary during the next power cut.

GE assembled a YouTube montage of some of the clips they received, take a watch…

Now it’s time to go try a few out – especially the weird squishy-shelled egg, that one is a must.


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