Sam Pearson with Chris Packham and Nigel Marven for Eden Shorts wildlife film competition.

The Return Of Eden Shorts: Producing The 2015 Competition

UKTV’s natural history channel Eden brought back its hugely successful one-minute wildlife film competition for another year – meaning more great amateur filmmakers get a chance to see their creations on TV.

The second year’s competition was again judged by presenter Michaela Strachan and wildlife film-maker Nigel Marven, alongside Eden’s new General Manager Emma Ayech.

Eden Shorts Logo

A repack of the 2014 Promax-nominated promore-voiced by Michaela, was launched on air alongside a social media campaign to drive awareness of the competition’s return. The format stayed almost exactly the same; the winner receives a prize of some top filming equipment while all 12 shortlisted entries get their moment in the spotlight on the channel. Although this year, the shortlisted entrants also get the opportunity to visit UKTV’s production facilities to remaster their films.

Although we received slightly fewer entries this year, the quality overall was actually much better – with many more people giving presenting and narrating a try. As the main focus for this year was to get exactly this – more people fronting their film and fewer music montages – it was a fantastic achievement.

Conveying the “get your voice and face in your film” message fell to the how to guides we created before and during the project’s run. These came as a host of editorial blogs from some industry professionals alongside some excellent short films that continued on from Simon King’s guides last year.

Eden Shorts judge Nigel Marven added his weight to the project again with two pieces on filming badgers and with boxes, while the inimitable Chris Packham also lent his expertise to the competition with a comprehensive guide to presenting and narrating.

The films have already been played out on-air and the remastered versions are currently being pulled together, but you can watch the original shortlisted films online, or together in the montage below.


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