Simon King and Nigel Marven

Eden Shorts How To Guides

One of the best parts about working on the Eden Shorts project was getting the chance to commission a series of ‘How To’ guides designed to inspire budding entrants and also inform them in how to get the most out of their film.

As one of the competition’s judges, Nigel Marven was brilliant in throwing himself into adding value to the project, creating a series of four pieces aimed at a less experienced audience. Some of the skills covered include macro filming, filming water creatures and on the beach, filming in your garden and venturing further afield to get hold of footage.

One of my personal natural history heroes, Simon King was perfectly placed to provide a couple of guides that targeted the more experienced filmmakers out there. His guides covered filming over water and how to spot wildlife tracks and signs – great thought starters for those who were planning shooting their pieces.

Here are a couple of my favourite guides, you can explore them further with the links above:





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