Winner of the 2014 Mammal Photography of the Year Award

Mammal Photographer of the Year 2014

The Mammal Society have announced the winners for their second annual 2014 Mammal Photographer of the Year Competition, and they’re a good-looking bunch of images!

From the bottom, here’s Samuel Baylis’ entry and the winner of the Under 18s second Prize, appropriately winning a Squirrel Lover’s Pack from Ark Wildlife with this shot of a red squirrel peaking round a tree.

The Under 18s first Prize is Alex Berryman’s seal, winning a Bushnell NatureView HD trail cam – which I’m very jealous of. You’re not going to shoot many seals with it though. Unless you find one that likes to slide through a wood. Seems unlikely.

This stoat up a drainpipe by Adrian Hinchliffe came third. It’s probably safe to assume he doesn’t need to clean any dead leaves out.

Second is Grant Auton with this picture of a harbour seal popping up above the waterline for a breath of air.

Coming in as overall winner of the competition was Stuart Scott with this image of a hare standing on its hind legs – a beautifully composed shot.

You can see all the winning and commended entries and everyone’s comments on Facebook or on Twitter. I particularly like Phil Winter’s field vole, it’s a shame there was no room for it amongst the winners.

Hopefully, the Mammal Society will release the rest of the entries to have a look at – badgers were noticeably absent in what has been a turbulent couple of years for them.


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