Side Pallet Table

Building with Pallets, Again

After the successes of my first attempt at building furniture using reclaimed pallets, and with some spare time on a Sunday afternoon, I decided to have another crack at putting something together.

We needed a little table to go alongside our barbeque, something to put meats and cooking tools on that isn’t the floor, the perfect project for the couple of hours I had to spare.

Using one pallet, I started to prize the planks apart. This time, with a bit of ingenuity, I discovered that if you took the end planks off and propped the pallet on bricks you can remove the rest of the planks just by standing on them. No more hammer and chisel for hours on end!

It’s worth highlighting that you must be careful of bare nails when taking pallets apart. I made sure that every time I take a plank off, I either remove all the bare nails or hammer them flat – I don’t need to end up standing on one!

With the pallet now quickly disassembled, I went about outlining the table surface – five planks wide, cut so that they made a square when laid side-by-side. These were then held together by attaching planks at either end using screws and wood-glue. Again, a skirt was fixed to the outside for a mix of aesthetics and stability, with simple plank legs then glued-and-screwed at each corner. The assembly was not only much quicker than the last project, but much neater, and I’m really quite proud of the finished product.

Further sanding and a heavy stain or painting to protect it from the elements and it can go back outside, but for the time being it has pride of place in our living room!

Update: sanded and with a coat of varnish.

Finished product – the pallet side-table in its outdoor setting



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