Sir David Attenborough

Working on David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities

It’s not often that you get a chance to work with one of your heroes, especially if that hero is also one of the most famous and revered people on the planet.

Much like the majority of the nation, I’m sure, Sir David Attenborough provided the catalyst that sparked my interest in our natural world and this ultimately inspired me to study Zoology at university and led me into a career in natural history television.

First Working with Sir David Attenborough
Working with Sir David was a pleasure and privilege.

How serendipitous that in inspiring me down this career path it would lead to me working with him on what I’m sure will stay as one of my career highlights.

David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities is somewhat of a passion-project for a broadcaster who has spent much of his career working on blockbuster, blue-chip wildlife spectaculars. In it Sir David shines the spotlight on some lesser documented evolutionary anomalies, revealing which of these curious species have intrigued him the most and how they continue to fascinate. Each episode featured two species linked together by a distinctive evolutionary quirk and was broadcast first on Eden and subsequently on Watch.

Luckily I managed to join the crew again for the second series with a trip to Bristol to pick up some extra behind-the-scenes material. heading off to  and Newport to meet some of Sir Dave’s animal subjects.

Next was the International Bird of Prey Centre in Gloucestershire.

Including a delightful clip of Sir David hooting with a tawny owl.

Next up was a trip over to Newport to meet Duncan Richardson and his hedgehog Little John – the star of the hedgehog episode from the second series.

You can see more of the tweets from the couple of days I spent with the crew on Storify.


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